“I hope my granddaughters will understand that visiting teaching is an expression of their discipleship and a significant way to honor their covenants. This element of our discipleship should closely resemble the ministry of our Savior.”

~ Julie B. Beck

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we offer our service in whatever capacity we are asked.  Those roles change frequently throughout our lives and we get a variety of experiences which help us grow and develop in faith and testimony.  For the women of the church, the most fundamental and universal “calling” is that of visiting teacher.  It is a role that each of us is asked to take on as we embark in developing a personal watch-care for each and every “sister” in our congregation.  As this is done from congregation to congregation, the idea is that every woman of the church will benefit from being personally ministered to on a monthly basis.

Visiting teaching can seem very mundane and ordinary and yet it is powerful!  For the most part, it is taking the opportunity to develop relationships with each other to ensure a built in support system during times of difficulty.

This blog is meant as an opportunity to share my thoughts as I first observe, or learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and then serve, or apply the principles of his ministry in a very ordinary and every day sort of way.  I am the “girl next door” – simple and ordinary.  But I have a smile to share when you need one.  I have struggles and hard days, the same as you.  And I try to build my life on a sure foundation.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is real.  It is powerful.  His gospel is meant to be experienced and shared – that we may celebrate the beauties of life together when things are good, and buoy each other up when the hard times abound.


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