Beginning my Spiritual Journey of the New Year

Some of the thoughts that have been on my mind at the start of this new year include a gratitude for the Savior, a desire to study better and know Him more, and a hope to teach my children the gospel and set as good of an example for them as my parents did for me.

To help me accomplish this desire and hope, I have set a goal to write more about the spiritual impressions I have. Often, I am overwhelmed with thoughts of a spiritual nature that I want to ponder. I have constant dialogues running through my head of things I want to write about and thoughts I want to record. But of course, when the time finally arrives that I have a moment to sit down and try to capture some of those reflections, my brain is immediately void of any and all coherent thought.

Some of the topics I have been pondering on lately include: temples, priesthood (Ammon’s ordination), Jesus as the ONLY source of healing from the deepest, darkest trials (Brother Shelton’s death),  my desire to live up to my parents example and becoming a gospel scholar (Dad’s Origin of Man Sunday school lesson), the Book of Mormon as the cornerstone of my life and how I can and should use its teachings to find answers to all of my questions in life starting with and most importantly the questions I have in parenting.

Tonight I am too tired to elaborate, even to myself, what some of my thoughts on these topics have been. But I want to record for myself, and more importantly, for my posterity, that I have a strong conviction that Jesus is the Savior of the World and that he leads the people of the world through living prophets and apostles. I believe in the restoration of his priesthood authority on the earth. I believe in personal revelation. I believe the Book of Mormon is a true account that is meant to testify of Christ and validate the teachings of the Bible. Most importantly, I believe that we have a loving Heavenly Father who created a perfect plan whereby we can and will be saved. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we will all be able to overcome physical and spiritual death.

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