Jumping Into Week 2

We survived the first week of home school. Actually, that isn’t the right way to say it at all. We ROCKED the first week of home school. Not in the, “I accomplished every goal I had,” sort of way, but in the, “there was a tangible difference in my home,” sort of way. A part of me is still trying to decide if the change I felt was a product of home school itself, or simply a blessing of obedience to the prompting we had to home school. But I found myself surprised at the unexpected nuances that changed in our home this past week and the peace that this choice has already brought to our family. I am so grateful for personal revelation.

I am excited to improve some things for next week. Last week we had Peter take off on his math. Ammon spent the bulk of his time reading. The subjects I feel went well last week are: math, reading, spelling, grammar (this is the most iffy on the list) and science. Geography was OK. Social studies didn’t happen much and needs some help. Writing is in desperate need of attention. We did great at adding a morning family prayer to our routine – something we have never really done in the past, but need to work on incorporating an actual scripture study and follow through with a religious course. I also want to add music into the equation but I think I’m going to wait at least one more week to tackle that one.

I checked out some books at the library that I am excited about. I had seen them floating around and hadn’t paid much attention. After bringing them home and looking through them, however, I decided to buy my own copies for each boy in his respective grade. The title is something along the lines of Everything Your ___ Grader Needs to Know. I am especially excited because it gives me some specific stories, poems, and sayings to review with the boys which I think adds a great depth to their educational experience here at home. It also gives me a starting place with social studies, geography, fine arts etc. All in all, it just seems like a great supplemental source that helps me feel like I am more complete in my goals.

Another thing I decided this past week was to try to take things slow. Some of the materials I have looked through have left me thinking, “We can get through that in no time!” But one of the things Ammon studied this week was Bernoulli’s Principle. We were fairly thorough in listening to lectures via YouTube, reading about it from a variety of sources, watching online experiments and conducting experiments of our own. We did all that in one day and the next morning Ammon was able to give a really nice explanation about what Bernoulli’s Principle is. Three days later, however, he wasn’t so sure. It made me realize that repetition and additional time on topics is what will really help them sink in more deeply.

My goals for this week are:

  • Keep math and spelling on pace – they are doing great do I just need to keep the momentum
  • Supplement grammar with additional language arts lessons from my new books
  • Do daily family scripture study
  • Have the boys each learn a new poem – this will be writing and memorization for the week
  • Do at least two days of science, two days of social studies and one day of geography

Wish me luck!  🙂

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