Soldier Girls – Why I LOVE Visiting Teaching

“Every day, Relief Society sisters around the world experience the entire range of mortal challenges and experiences. Women and their families today live face to face with unrealized expectations; mental, physical, and spiritual illness; accidents; and death. Some sisters suffer loneliness and disappointment because they do not have families of their own, and others suffer from the consequences of poor choices made by family members. Some have experienced war or hunger or natural disasters, and others are learning about the strain of addictions, unemployment, or insufficient education and training. All of these difficulties have the potential to bleach the bones of faith and exhaust the strength of individuals and families. One of the Lord’s purposes in organizing the sisters into a discipleship was to provide relief that would lift them above “all that hinders the joy and progress of woman.” In every ward and branch, there is a Relief Society with sisters who can seek and receive revelation and counsel with priesthood leaders to strengthen each other and work on solutions that are applicable in their own homes and communities.”

~Sister Julie B. Beck

Life is hard. But we know that “men are that they might have joy”. As women we feel the heartaches of the world. But we fight, work, and trust. With the help of the Savior, we feel strengthened and are healed. We sometimes feel broken. But always, the Savior is there the lift us up. Often times, the way He has prepared to bring us peace, comfort, and that joy He has promised us is at the hand of another woman. We truly are soldier girls. Visiting Teaching is the Lord’s chosen program that brings us together to form an impenetrable army.

Who are some of the solider girls that have strengthened you through your challenges in life?

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