Blessings of the Temple

“As we remember the covenants we make within [the temple], we will be more able to bear every trial and to overcome each temptation.”

~President Thomas S. Monson

A little more than a year ago I looked out my window and noticed my husband pacing just outside.  He was supposed to be at work and my heart sank.  I knew something was wrong.  Sure enough, he finally got up the courage to come inside and let me know that he had unexpectedly lost his job.  It was just days after Christmas and we had very little savings.

It was a difficult time, but we finally resolved to control what we could, and trust Heavenly Father for the rest.  We sat together and created a plan.  Of course he set goals for seeking new employment, but we also listed some specific things he could be doing to feel confident in his ability to provide as a father.  As his capability to financially provide was contingent on the whims of potential employers, we set some goals for him as a spiritual provider and leader in our home.  The most impactful of those was weekly temple attendance.

Creating a concrete plan measured by things within his control helped me continue to see how hard he was working to take care of us.  As we both increased our temple attendance  our lives felt increasingly peaceful despite the potentially suffocating sense of being out of control.  It became OK that we had seemingly little influence over our financial situation.  Instead of drowning in fear and upset, we were immersed in comfort.  We could sense that we had little power over the wobbly economy and difficult job market, but we were developing a closer relationship with He who knows all and is over all.  Through the blessings of the temple we were able to let go of control and trust our lives to the Lord.

Observing my husband consistently attend the temple freed me from being tempted to cast blame, anger and frustration at him for the financial concerns.  This approach simultaneously increased my ability to appreciate him for his strengths and the efforts he was making to take care of us.  As I attended the temple more often, I was blessed with comfort and confidence that all would be well.  It became a very precious and life-altering phase of our lives.  Because of the power and strength of the temple, one of the most challenging circumstances in our lives was transformed into one of our greatest blessings.

How has the temple blessed your life?

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One Response to Blessings of the Temple

  1. What a wonderful and beautiful place the temple is! I cannot count the number of times I have felt peace in my life because of a temple trip – even in the midst of trials. I have had moments of incredible connections to people whose work I have done. I had received some special revelations about my children in the temple – some even before they were born.

    Perhaps one of the most special temple experiences happened just after my oldest brother left on his mission. We were very close – we both went through the temple for the first time together – and this particular night we were at the temple and I noticed the officiator had the same name as my brother and I found I was missing him a lot. Suddenly the thought occurred to me that since it was my brother’s first week in the mission field I should put his name on the temple prayer roll. It was a very calm thought that brought peace to me even being so far away from my brother. So I put his name on the prayer roll and everything seemed to be better. Several hours later we received a call from my mom informing us that my brother was about to undergo emergency surgery in the middle of the night in Japan to have his appendix removed. He had apparently been sick for weeks, including most of his plane ride to Japan, but no one had known anything was wrong. I was so grateful for the prompting to put his name on the prayer roll before his surgery had even happened.

    I am eternally grateful for the temples and for promptings that come in the temple.

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